BBC radio interview done this morning with the amazingly talented Victoria Diaconu

Victoria is the lady who did my tattooing follow my surgery, this selfless lady did it free of charge as she is so passionate about helping woman feeling more confident with their body’s.

I hope you get all the attention you deserve and your business thrives. You are one in a million!

Rose Turpie

Just had my top up for powder brows and lash liner. Absolutely over the moon I was very happy with the results from the first appointment now I’m ecstatic. I can’t stop looking at them. Absolutely perfect. I’m in love x
Thanks Victoria xx

Jo Doughty

Victoria did my powder brows and in between lash liner today. She’s so talented it’s ridiculous. I have followed her for years and I am so happy I could finally allow her to work on me xx

Collette Newton

Thad powder eyebrows by Victoria today. I was very nervous before hand but from the consultation process right through I felt so at ease and comfortable! She’s amazing at her job and really has transformed my eyebrows, i’m in love with them! Her salon is beautiful, so clean and modern. I can’t wait to be back for my top up! Anybody considering microblading or powder brows, Victoria is the place to go! Thank you so much for an amazing job

Georgia Phillips

Amazing person came on Monday with my mum for a consultation, we felt at ease and Victoria is very professional! Mum can’t wait for her brow appointment. Thank you

Lacey Marie

What an amazing experience. I’m so lucky to have Victoria guiding me though this procees I’ve always wanted to master. I’ve never met someone with so much passion for teaching like Victoria. Thank you so much Victoria Diaconu

Ramona Cozorici