Tattoo eyeliner and Lash enhancements

The eyes are the mirror of the soul and thanks to the latest semi-permanent make up Techniques can emphasize it’s natural Beauty and visual improve eye’s contour.

A semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo treatments in Leicester, accentuates your eyes, enhances their shape and gives volume to your lash line, making lashes look thicker and fuller. I specialise in creating natural and discreet looks as well as successfully designing thicker and intense lines on the upper eyelids.

Please Choose from Smokey soft effect , understated lash liner or cat’s eye.

*Lash Enhancer

This is the most subtle technique of the eyes semi-permanent makeup and it involves embedding numerous pigmentation dots in between the natural lashes on the top and bottom eyelid. I recommend Lash Enhancer for clients who wish to visually enlarge the top eyelid without too dramatic effect.
This procedure becomes more popular among men as well, especially if they have fair or spare lashes since this treatment enhances and re-defines eyes’ contour.
Moreover, Lash Enhancer technique is also perfect for clients who believe that their eyes are rather small, the treatment not only makes eyes look bigger but emphasise eye colour or creates the illusion of thick and fuller lashes without fake final effect.

-Discreet lash enchantment- 150£ 1st treatment
Top up 75£

*Classic Permanent eyeliner

Perfectly designed and applied semi-permanent eye makeup enhances the eyes’ contour and shape. Skilfully selected techniques can visually enlarge smaller eyes or adjust the size of bigger eyes, as well as make eyes appear more oval, almond shape.
The perfect permanent classik eyeliner beautifully emphasizes the eyes contour and it is always individually designed to create an amazing final effect. My clients frequently feedback to me how astonished they are with the visual modification that can be achieved with the semi permanent makeup.
Generally, this Permanent Makeup technique results in more dramatic final look. Carefully selected pigment is applied in the shape of a thicker line on top of the previously enhanced eyelashes ended with the perfectly finished flick.

-Classic eyeliner 220£ 1st treatment
Top up after 5-6 weeks 75£

*Soft shaded eyeliner

Also commonly known as butterfly eyeliner, this is another excellent semi-permanent eyeliner makeup technique that I would recommend to clients who are after more conventional effect, as well as the ones who want to achieve glamorous look.
This treatment is discussed in depth at the first consultation, when an initial design is created, before the micropigmentation process commences, and this is to ensure you are completely satisfied with the style and shape of your eyeliner.
The perfect permanent eyeliner can be slightly smudged on the eyelid area and this is to mimic the effect of an eyeshadow. The colour scheme is usually pre-selected at the initial consultation.

-Soft shade eyeliner- smokey effect

220£ 1st treatment
Top up after 5 weeks 75£

Supper thick eyeliner

300£ 1st treatment
Top up 75£

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How Long Does Permanent Eyeliner Procedure Take?

Semi Permanent Eyeliner appointments are about 2 hours long, which includes a consultation of around 15 minutes. Contact us today.

Do Eyeliner Tattoos Hurt?

No, you should feel very little discomfort. There’ll be a numbing treatment applied to the eyelid area, which is topped up throughout the treatment.

How Long Does Tattooed Eyeliner Last?

Typically Eyeliner Tattoos can last a year, however the pigment can last for two or three years. The treatment will not last forever – pigmentation fades after a time. Most clients come back for touch ups every year or two.